ACS Team

Jan Kulveit

Principal Investigator

Jan Kulveit's current research is focused on understanding complex systems composed of both humans and AIs, and mathematical theories of cooperation and kindness across scales. Jan has a background in physics and complex networks and holds a PhD in physics from Charles University in Prague. Prior to co-founding ACS, Jan was a Research Fellow at Future of Humanity Institute, Oxford University and working on macrostrategy, AI alignment and existential risk. During covid pandemic, Jan also co-founded the Epidemic Forecasting project, and worked on modelling the pandemic. He has advised multiple national governments and international organisations including WHO, ECDC and government of the Czech republic. His work has been featured in the national and international media.

Tomáš Gavenčiak

Researcher & Research Engineer

Tomáš received his PhD in theoretical computer science. He has since conducted research in both theoretical and applied areas including game theory, algorithms, data structures, computational genomics, and Bayesian modelling. His current interests focus on modelling human and artificial cognition, bounded rationality, and experiments investigating games, agency, and language models.

Ada Böhm

Research Engineer

Ada received a PhD in computer science and has worked 10 years for the Czech National Supercomputing Center. She is interested in AI safety, computational ergonomics, and various programming projects.

Mihály Bárász

Research Engineer

Mihály studied mathematics, and worked as an SRE at Google. He is interested in formal proof systems, low level systems engineering, video games as an art medium, rock climbing, and pigeons.

Clem von Stengel


Clem is working on combining insights from different disciplines to problems in alignment. They studied evolutionary biology, theoretical physics, mathematics, philosophy, and finally ended up with a masters in history of science, specialising in the intertwined histories of computer science and economics. As a result, they are currently reevaluating how to approach explore-exploit tradeoffs.

Nora Ammann

Research Associate

Nora has a Master’s in Philosophy and AI, with a particular interest in philosophy of science, political philosophy, and philosophy of mind–as they pertain to questions in AI risk, governance and alignment. She is interested in what we can learn from the study of intelligent behaviour in currently existing, natural systems towards questions as to the nature, behaviour and risks related to future AI systems. She co-founded ‘Principles of Intelligent Behavior in Biological and Social Systems’ ( to help make more research of this type happen. Prior, she has conducted complex systems inspired research on understanding group decision making and political processes.

Gavin Leech

Research Associate

Gavin cofounded the research consultancy Arb, which specialises in forecasting and technical policy. He’s also completing a PhD in machine learning. He advised the UK government on Covid and AI policy.

Simon McGreggor McGill

Research Associate

Simon has a multi-disciplinary background in computer science, psychology, artificial life and AI. He has worked as a postdoc researcher in robotics and in biochemical adaptive phenomena. His research interests are primarily in the mathematical foundations of 4E cognitive science - formalising the relationship between physical state and cognitive processes.